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Auto Body Rust Repair Panels
Specialty Tools Patch Panels

Specialty Tools Patch Panels

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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
01Hog Ring Pliers for Specialty Tools EA AV-7657 Hog ring pliers -detail $30.87
02Hog Ring 500 Package for Specialty Tools EA AV-7595 Medium hog ring, .080" wire dia., 500 pcs -detail $7.89
03Large Hog Ring 088" Wire Diameter 500 Pieces for Specialty Tools EA AV-7644 Large hog ring, 088" wire dia., 500 pcs -detail $9.43
04Universal Moulding Release Tool EA KA-369 Universal moulding release tool -detail $5.16
05Windshield Locking Strip Tool EA 16-320 Windshield Locking Strip Tool. (set of 3 in 1) used with R-1025... -detail $12.19
N.I.Single Edge Razor Blades EA 99-365 100 Single Edge Razor Blades -detail $7.78